If you use MODX Evolution why not give Clipper CMS a try. It is backwards compatible and in the soon to be launch 1.2 version, mootools was completly removed and replaced with jQuery and jQuery-UI.

Protect the manager with a plugin

on 07-Nov-12 11:35 | Comments ( 0 ) Tags: Evolution
A simple way to secure the manager login page so it's not guessable.

Convert weird characters to their html entity equivalent

on 22-Nov-11 11:18 | Comments ( 0 ) Tags: PHP
Recently I had to import some html from another site that was using a different encoding than UTF-8.

Full URLs with a PHx custom modifier

on 02-Nov-11 10:29 | Comments ( 0 ) Tags: Ditto, Evolution, PHP, PHx
Here is short plugin that will parse the content and replace relative paths with absolute ones.

WebLogin clean template

on 16-Oct-11 10:30 | Comments ( 3 ) Tags: Evolution
The default Web login template contains not so modern html code so I created my own starting template.

elseif or switch statements hack with phx

on 22-Sep-11 15:43 | Comments ( 5 ) Tags: Evolution, PHx
PHx doesn't support the elseif or switch statements but there is a way to simulate them using multiple PHx if statements.

MODx Revolution Gallery with Colorbox and jQuery Asynchronous Image Loader (JAIL)

on 12-Feb-11 10:19 | Comments ( 80 ) Tags: Revolution
Build a nice Photo Gallery in MODX Revolution with support from Colorbox and JAIL

Infinite scroll with Ditto

on 06-Feb-11 15:12 | Comments ( 13 ) Tags: Ditto, Evolution
Build an infinite scroll solution with MODX and Ditto. The solution uses a modified version of Paul Irish's Infinite Scroll jQuery plugin.

MODx Revolution Gallery with Colorbox and Lazy Load

on 01-Feb-11 07:58 | Comments ( 9 ) Tags: Revolution
Build a nice Photo Gallery in MODX Revolution with support from Colorbox and Lazy Load

Detect manager users with PHx

on 14-Oct-10 16:23 | Comments ( 4 ) Tags: Evolution, PHx
Hide content from visitors and Web Users with PHx.

Upgrade Revolution from GIT

on 27-Sep-10 13:49 | Comments ( 4 ) Tags: Revolution
A fast tutorial on upgrading Revolution from GIT using the terminal.

Send a confirmation email with FormIt

on 19-Sep-10 16:04 | Comments ( 12 ) Tags: Revolution
By default FormIt (< 1.3.0) will only send one email to the configured email address. This tutorial shows how to use a FormIt hook to send a confirmation email to the user.

Basic "event" registration with eForm

on 08-Jul-10 20:22 | Comments ( 12 ) Tags: CSS, eForm, Evolution
This tutorial shows how to create a basic registration form that, when submitted, sends a notification email and saves the values into a custom table.

Alter the createdon

on 03-Jun-10 15:09 | Comments ( 2 ) Tags: Evolution
Modify the createdon date field in the database so you can fake that a document was created in the past.

Get the parent

on 07-May-10 14:09 | Comments ( 8 ) Tags: Evolution
11 examples of how to get the parent id of the current document. Not all of them are practical but it's a good learning resource.

Secure the modx manager

on 09-Mar-10 16:56 | Comments ( 0 ) Tags: Evolution
Secure the modx manager and the important information that might be stored in a custom module.

Remove 'Config file still writable' warning on Windows

on 04-Mar-10 15:28 | Comments ( 6 ) Tags: Evolution
Windows environments won't allow you to set the read-only flag for a file with a ftp browser. This article presents a simple workaround based on chmod.

Make an editable 'copyright' section for your client

on 28-Feb-10 14:58 | Comments ( 6 ) Tags: Evolution, GetField
It's not often that a client will update the copyright information on his website, but just to make sure he can here's a simple way to do it.

Fast and simple site map with Wayfinder

on 23-Feb-10 17:38 | Comments ( 6 ) Tags: Evolution, Wayfinder
Wayfinder can be use to create a quick site map for your website.

Ditto`s orderBy

on 20-Feb-10 14:00 | Comments ( 5 ) Tags: Ditto, Evolution
Short article about the orderBy parameter.

Scalable CSS-only RSS icon

on 19-Feb-10 09:50 | Comments ( 7 ) Tags: CSS
A short experiment on how you can create a RSS icon with only HTML and CSS3. With some javascript help the experiment works in IE.

Detect empty html elements TinyMCE lefts behind

on 11-Jan-10 09:41 | Comments ( 2 ) Tags: Evolution, Revolution
TinyMce it's a nice tool to edit your website but it doesn't clean empty tags. Javascript can be used to highlight them.

Make eForm replace chunks and snippets

on 09-Dec-09 12:48 | Comments ( 8 ) Tags: Evolution
By default eFrom will not replace the chunks and snippets found in the template. The solution takes advantage of eForm events and modx APIs so no eForm hack is needed.

TinyMCE with table controls

on 03-Dec-09 09:40 | Comments ( 8 ) Tags: Evolution
Set up TinyMCE content editor to show table controls

Single value check-box with no label

on 26-Nov-09 23:30 | Comments ( 1 ) Tags: Evolution
Simple trick to get rid of the label for a single value check-box.

Get lost 'File Manager' path

on 21-Nov-09 22:40 | Comments ( 2 ) Tags: Evolution
When moving or updating websites from a staging version on a different server you will need to know the "File Manager" path. Here's a simple way to find it.

New documents with eForm

on 15-Nov-09 22:11 | Comments ( 27 ) Tags: Evolution
The following tutorial will show how to create new resources(documents) with help from eForm

Upgrade MODx Evolution from command line

on 01-Nov-09 08:32 | Comments ( 1 ) Tags: Evolution
Upgrading to MODx Evolution is slightly different and simpler than upgrading to a RC.

How change the captcha noise images

on 24-Oct-09 23:14 | Comments ( 0 ) Tags: Evolution
Change your captcha noise images to match your website theme or colors.

Upgrade to MODx Evolution 1.0.1-RC1 from command line

on 18-Oct-09 09:39 | Comments ( 0 ) Tags: Evolution
Upgrade to the latest modx via the command line.

Where to keep your css and template images

on 17-Oct-09 22:09 | Comments ( 6 ) Tags: Evolution
Although you can keep your files and template images any place you desire here's how I like it.

Notifications on user login

on 08-Oct-09 23:43 | Comments ( 1 ) Tags: Evolution
A plugin to get notifications when a Web User or Manager User logs into modx.

Send email notifications when a document is saved

on 05-Oct-09 22:22 | Comments ( 20 ) Tags: Evolution
If you ever wanted to send an email notification when a document is saved here is how I do it.

Creating a simple FAQ section

on 04-Oct-09 08:33 | Comments ( 6 ) Tags: Evolution
Here's a simple way to add a nice and simple FAQ section to your website.

Starting the Revolution

on 25-Sep-09 14:16 | Comments ( 0 ) Tags: Revolution
If you ever wanted to have a look at what Modx Revolution brings in to the world, here's an easy way to install it yourself.

Take advantage of Ditto's @FILE property

on 22-Sep-09 10:39 | Comments ( 2 ) Tags: Evolution
When using Ditto with custom templates that call other snippets you might loose the caching functionality. One way to fix it is to use runSnippet API. Another one is to use @FILE property.

Using eForm with external chunks

on 20-Sep-09 14:12 | Comments ( 0 ) Tags: Evolution
This tutorial will take advantage of eForm's ability to run snippets. Although it's a limited functionality, this article will show you how to take advantage of it and use it to keep your html in external files.

How to add custom tags to your documents

on 15-Sep-09 09:30 | Comments ( 3 ) Tags: Evolution
Here's an easy way to properly tag your documents. You will need access to phpMyAdmin or a similar tool.

Creating a content separator

on 14-Sep-09 22:37 | Comments ( 1 ) Tags: Evolution
Often you might want to easily display a nice separator between 2 paragraphs or 2 sections of your website. Here's how I do it.

Overcome caching limitation when you call a snippet inside another snippet

on 14-Sep-09 17:18 | Comments ( 1 ) Tags: Evolution
Most of you know that in order to use a snippet inside another snippet you have to alternate the snippet calls like [!, [[. Now your snippet call will not be cached anymore. Here's how to overcome this limitation.

XHTML valid pagetitle/longtitle

on 13-Sep-09 18:05 | Comments ( 6 ) Tags: Evolution
Sometimes your page titles might contain special characters like "&". W3C's markup validation service will throw an error if you do not replace & with &amp;

Hide empty sections with PHx

on 13-Sep-09 11:53 | Comments ( 8 ) Tags: Evolution
Sometimes you might need to switch off parts of your website because there is no content to display.

How to output the height and width of an Image TV

on 13-Sep-09 10:44 | Comments ( 2 ) Tags: Evolution
There are some cases when you need to output the image height and width in your HTML. The best solution I found is using a PHx custom modifier.

Quick modx Evolution Tags

  • cached [[snippet]] or uncached [!snippet!]
  • {{chunk}}
  • [+placeholder+]
  • [*resourceField/TV*]
  • [^timing^]
  • [~link~]

Quick modx Revolution Tags

  • [[snippet]]
  • [[$chunk]]
  • [[+placeholder]]
  • [[*resourceField/TV]]
  • [[~link]]
  • [^timing^]
  • [[++systemSetting]]
  • [[%languageStringKey]]
  • all tags can be called un-cached like: [[! snippet]]

Timing Tags (Evo and Revo)

  • [^qt^] - Query time
  • [^q^] - Query count
  • [^p^] - Parse time
  • [^t^] - Total time
  • [^s^] - Source
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