Overcome caching limitation when you call a snippet inside another snippet

on 14-Sep-2009 | Comments ( 1 ) Tags: Evolution

Uncached snippets might put a big load on you server. To solve this problem we'll have to create a new snippet and make use of runSnippet() API.

$parentparent = $modx->runSnippet("ParentParent");
$wayfinderOutput = $modx->runSnippet("Wayfinder", array('startId' => $parentparent));
return $wayfinderOutput;

Because Wayfinder does not know how to get the second level parent ID of the current document, I had to create my own snippet: ParentParent. You can download this snippet here.

For readability sake, I saved the output of the ParentParent into a variable and then used it in the Wayfider call.

Not so hard! Leave a message if you know other solutions.

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Reply #1 on : Mon September 14, 2009, 17:47:38
Nice one! Typo in the title - "cashing" should be "caching"


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