Single value check-box with no label

on 26-Nov-2009 | Comments ( 1 ) Tags: Evolution

Single value check-box with no labelWhen creating a single value check-box TV, the usual value for Input Option Values field is:


The output can be seen in the image on the right.

To achive the second result, change the Input Option Values field to:



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Thanks for the tip!
Reply #1 on : Fri August 20, 2010, 05:55:40
Hi there,

Just letting you know I was having trouble with checkbox values in Revolution, and this little tip helped sort me out :-)

Good work!


Quick modx Evolution Tags

  • cached [[snippet]] or uncached [!snippet!]
  • {{chunk}}
  • [+placeholder+]
  • [*resourceField/TV*]
  • [^timing^]
  • [~link~]

Quick modx Revolution Tags

  • [[snippet]]
  • [[$chunk]]
  • [[+placeholder]]
  • [[*resourceField/TV]]
  • [[~link]]
  • [^timing^]
  • [[++systemSetting]]
  • [[%languageStringKey]]
  • all tags can be called un-cached like: [[! snippet]]

Timing Tags (Evo and Revo)

  • [^qt^] - Query time
  • [^q^] - Query count
  • [^p^] - Parse time
  • [^t^] - Total time
  • [^s^] - Source
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