Starting the Revolution

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In this post I will show you how to install MODx Revolution 2.0.0-beta-3 and upgrade to the latest version in the repository. Start by downloading MODx Revolution 2.0.0-beta-3 and unzip it to your server(local or live). If you want to use a live server, I would recommend unzipping the archive directly on the server via ssh or the file manager in your control panel. If you want to install directly from the repository skip to "Upgrade from SVN".

To install Modx Revolution you have to follow almost the same steps as for Evolution. Make sure you have an empty database set up and you have access to the following information:

Start by pointing your browser to yoursite/setup to start the installation. Just follow the instructions on the screen and you'll have your new install in less than a minute. If you encounter any problems do not forget to ask the community for possible solutions.

Once your installation is complete fell free to login into the manager or just proceed to the next step.

Upgrade from SVN

To download the revision(5766) used in this tutorial click here.

In order to upgrade from SVN you can use your favorite SVN program or just use the command line:

svn checkout

After running this command you should have the latest Revolution files in your home folder or the folder you picked up from your SVN tool. If you installed Revolution Beta-3 start replacing the old revolution files with the new ones. Otherwise just upload them to the server.

Once the transfer process was completed there are a couple of "technical steps" you need to do.

As specified here you should follow the steps below:

  1. Go to _build folder, copy the file build.config.sample.php to build.config.php and edit the new file with valid database information. From my experience, if your information is wrong you won't be warned.
  2. Point your browser to yoursite/_build/transport.core.php and wait for the process to finish.
  3. Start the setup by going to yoursite/setup

Please refer to this document if you encounter any difficulties.

Creating a test page

If everything was OK, you should be able to login into the new manager. Follow the steps bellow to create your test page:

1. Click on Elements tab, right click on Templates and select New Template. For simplicity enter [[*content]] in your Template code area. Make sure you choose an appropriate name for your template.

2. Select the Resources tab and click on Create Resource icon. For simplicity enter "TEST" in your Resource Content area. Do not forget to title your page.

3. After saving your new page go to Site/Preview. If everything was OK the word TEST should be displayed.


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Quick modx Evolution Tags

  • cached [[snippet]] or uncached [!snippet!]
  • {{chunk}}
  • [+placeholder+]
  • [*resourceField/TV*]
  • [^timing^]
  • [~link~]

Quick modx Revolution Tags

  • [[snippet]]
  • [[$chunk]]
  • [[+placeholder]]
  • [[*resourceField/TV]]
  • [[~link]]
  • [^timing^]
  • [[++systemSetting]]
  • [[%languageStringKey]]
  • all tags can be called un-cached like: [[! snippet]]

Timing Tags (Evo and Revo)

  • [^qt^] - Query time
  • [^q^] - Query count
  • [^p^] - Parse time
  • [^t^] - Total time
  • [^s^] - Source
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