Upgrade to MODx Evolution 1.0.1-RC1 from command line

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The main reason for using a command line is that it really really fast. You can upgrade your modx install in less then 5 minutes. Using (s)ftp seems to take forever. This tutorial requires basic understanding of linux command line and some modx experience.

Important: this tutorial is optimized for upgrading a non-root modx install. If your modx install sits directly in the www folder you will have to change the paths. Don't use this on a live install unless you've done it before and you know how to restore from your backup.

First you will need to ssh to your server.

ssh your-username@your-server.com

Enter your password and navigate to where your modx install is via cd command.

Note: If you do not have ssh or command line access then this tutorial is not for you :(

Download the newest modx

wget http://modxcms.com/download/rc/MODx-1.0.1-rc-1.tar.gz

Extract the archive

tar xvzf MODx-1.0.1-rc-1.tar.gz

Backup your files using one of following commands

1. Just duplicate the folder

cp -r your-modx-folder your-modx-folder.bk

2. Creare a tar archive.

tar -pczf your-modx-folder.bk.tar.gz your-modx-folder

3. Create a zip archive

zip -r your-modx-folder.bk.zip your-modx-folder

IMPORTANT: Do not keep your backups in the web folder(public_html or www). Move them ASAP to your home folder or download them to your personal computer.

Backup your database

Go to Tools/Backup. Click Generate DROP TABLE statements and select all the table rows by checking the first checkbox. Press Click Here to... link to download a backup of your database.

Updating the files

cp -r modx-1.0.1-rc-1/* your-modx-folder

This is the command that does all the hard work. If everything worked you should see a new install folder in your modx directory.

Now point your browser to your-domain/install to start upgrading.

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